The new evian creative draws inspiration from how people live young, and emphasises that Live young is more than an age, it is an attitude focused on living a life full of vitality and experiences

Today, evian announces the launch of new advertising creative exclusively for the US after nearly a decade of the baby saga. The new creative, I Wanna #Liveyoung, evolves from the global Live young campaigns, marking the end of the baby advertisements in the US.

I Wanna #Liveyoung goes live on 16 July with out-of-home, social, influencer activations and sponsored events. I Wanna is inspired by the brand‘s Live young mindset, which is defined as having an insatiably curious, playful and progressive approach to life.

The brand’s much-loved, iconic advertising campaign featuring babies is in its ninth year. The baby saga has been incredibly successful since it debuted in 2009 – winning awards, generating millions of views and even setting a Guinness World Record for most viral video ad of all time (evian Roller Babies).

During its run, the premium water category has evolved and grown exponentially in the US. The brand also continues to evolve as a brand and is bringing a fresh and relevant take on what it means to Live young to its US audience. And whilst it continues to be a reference for its iconic advertising, branding and unique source in the heart of the French Alps, the brand team in the US saw an opportunity to refresh how people think about the world’s leading natural spring water brand.

“We challenged ourselves in search of new, breakthrough creative – the kind of buzzworthy, culturally meaningful creative evian has always been famous for,” said Olivia Sanchez, VP, marketing for evian in North America.

“We drew inspiration from our consumers themselves – we saw them embracing this inspirational outlook on life – they have many facets and dimensions, and are paving their own way in life. As we explored this idea, we quickly realised our brand ambassadors, Maria Sharapova and Madison Keys, are the perfect example of this: they are not just successful tennis athletes, but are passionate about other things outside of what they are most famous for.”

Current brand ambassadors Maria Sharapova and Madison Keys will be joined by the brand’s newest US ambassador, New York-based Luka Sabbat, to bring the campaign to life. The New York Times profiled Luka Sabbat as an influencer to watch, and noted an admirer, who said: “He is the cool kid at the party we all want to be.” Each ambassador embodies the spirit of I Wanna #Liveyoung with their multi-faceted endeavours.

With bright colours, modern design and eye-catching photography, the campaign showcases each brand ambassador’s diverse mix of passions, talents and interests, and draws on universal insights for the millennial target.

“The concept of doing what I Wanna connected with me immediately. Whilst I have worked with evian for a long time because I love the brand and it’s become so interconnected with the culture of tennis, this new creative gets me talking about the many aspects of my life that I love and made me recognise how much I have in common with today’s generation that looks to live a dynamic life, filled with meaningful experiences,” said Maria Sharapova.

On 16 July, the campaign will kick off with outdoor billboards across Los Angeles and New York, including a takeover of the Bryant Park subway station in New York, immersing parkgoers and the neighbourhood in the spirit of I Wanna #Liveyoung.

On social, the brand is tapping several local influencers in New York and Los Angeles to share their own I Wanna stories that encourage people to carve their own path.

evian is a Global winner of the World Branding Awards 2014-2015 in the Water category.

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