Enterprise has partnered with Canadian hockey icon, Martin Brodeur, for its latest campaign featuring television spots and digital shorts.

Transportation solutions provider, Enterprise, has appointed Hockey Hall of Fame goalie, Martin Brodeur, to star in its latest campaign featuring television spots and digital shorts. Like his representation in 2017, the new push will highlight the brand’s suite of offerings.

Using a series of quick-hitting scenarios, the company is focusing on services such as its commute vans, truck rentals, and exotic car collection. The three-time Stanley Cup winner will help create buzz around said solutions. A separate ad will follow the Stanley Cup trail.

Digital shorts will depict Brodeur benefiting from exceptional Enterprise service. In one ad, an employee alerts him to a lost cup, and in another, he uses poutine, an iconic Canadian dish, to illustrate how the marque blends all the right ingredients to afford a total solution.

“No one was better at making a save than Martin Brodeur. We aim for the same versatility and reliability when backing our customers with their transportation needs. We think they’ll enjoy the light-hearted approach to our new ads,” said Frank Thurman, VP of Marketing for Enterprise.

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