Dove and Shonda Rhimes enlist an all-female crew to demonstrate one woman’s powerful journey in redefining beauty on her own terms.

Dove Real Beauty Productions and Creative Director, Shonda Rhimes, have teamed up to release a second film titled Meet Kylee to illustrate that many women cannot relate to traditional standards of feminine beauty.

Since its launch in March, the platform has aimed to shift the power of storytelling from Hollywood into the hands of real women so women and girls can see their true selves represented in the media and culture. A fully-female crew joined Rhimes on the project.

The advert follows the subject—hairstylist Kylee Howell from Utah—on her journey to discovering beauty, which the film depicts is achieved by bucking conventions and cutting her hair to match a bold style which captures her personal sense of authenticity and self.

Living in a conventional town and home that doubled as a salon, she grew up enveloped by traditional views of beauty. Howell spent her adolescence feeling a disconnect between the femininity she saw around her and the styles she felt represented who she was inside.

In her 20s, she decided to take matters into her own hands by wearing her hair short for the first time, and finally felt she was being true to herself. The new Dove video can be viewed across the brand’s YouTube channel.

“Every time you look at your screen and see a woman portrayed just as she is, sharing her humanity, you are looking at someone beautiful. I thought of this when I met my new friend, Kylee Howell. Her beauty shines through in everything that she is,” said Rhimes.

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