Collaboration of Dove Men+Care and NCAA Recreates Message Recognising Impact of Fans’ Care on the Game

NCAA March Madness illuminates the passion of sports fans, with millions cheering on their teams. This support and care from fans fuels the energy of the tournament, which is why Dove Men+Care teamed up with basketball legends, David “The Admiral” Robinson, Shane Battier and more to recreate the “Real Strength Manifesto”—a unifying message for fans that recognises the impact of their care on the game.

“As an athlete, I have always been impressed by the intimate relationship between the fans and their teams. When I was playing during college and as a professional, the fans gave me the energy I needed to support my team and be the best player possible.

“I am excited to work with Dove Men+Care this March to highlight the positive force of fans heading into the March Madness® tournament,” said Robinson.

For the 2018 “Real Strength Manifesto”, the brand partnered with CBS college basketball analyst and sports writer, Seth Davis, to interview current and former athletes to better understand the positive ripple effect that fans have on the game.

In addition to Robinson and Battier, Davis spoke with Jameer Nelson, Trey Burke, Marques Johnson, Gordon Hayward, Doug McDermott, and Danny Manning. These interviews and impactful stories, combined with Seth’s deep understanding of college basketball, inspired and informed the new Real Strength Manifesto.

“Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand the significant impact of fans on college basketball – the energy, passion, support and care are what make the sport so special.

“Through my partnership with the brand, I drew upon the inspiring stories from some of basketball’s greatest legends to honour and reflect on what their experiences with fans has meant to them. What resulted was a Manifesto that celebrates the positive impact fan culture can have on men today during the tournament and beyond,” said Davis.

“As a brand that is dedicated to highlighting the care that real men show every day, we are pleased to partner with the NCAA to bring the Real Strength Manifesto to life.

“In fact, Dove Men+Care research shows that 94% of men believe their best experience at sporting events included a sense of camaraderie with other fans in the stands. The impact that positive fan culture has on all men, and the next generation, is significant, because of the way that sports can bring us together,” said Nick Soukas, Vice President of Marketing for Dove Men+Care at Unilever.

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