The push by Dove entails a more inclusive slant aimed at changing women’s perception in relation to their views on aesthetics.

Personal care group, Dove, has developed a pilot Masterbrand marketing campaign targeting its female audience in India. Dubbed Let’s Break the Rules of Beauty, the push entails a more inclusive slant designed to change the perception of women in relation to their views on aesthetics.

Led by a 50-second spot, the Dove video exalts diversity to paint a picture of colour and uniqueness by featuring the feminine charms of Indian women. The commercial showcases more than just a bevy of ladies whose look and style don’t necessarily match the youthful look, fair skin, long black hair, and trim figure stereotype.

Based on research done by the brand, it was found that the pressure to comply with Indian beauty ideals stem from external, traditional, and societal factors, with 80 percent of the market’s 631 million women believing that they need to look a certain way to stand out from the crowd and excel in life.

According to Victoria Sjardin, Senior Global Brand Director at Dove Masterbrand, the dedicated push hopes to genuinely start a conversation around expanding the beauty ideal and embracing the varieties that come from a country with over 600 million women, 29 states, and 22 languages.

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