The effort by Dove celebrates feminine beauty in Canada with a key spot featuring a line-up of remarkable women with inspiring stories.

Dove has unveiled a campaign for Canada titled My Beauty, My Say to empower women to take a stand on personal beauty by rejecting judgments which limit achievement and are critical of appearance. The overall effort is rooted in the personal care giant’s Global Beauty Confidence Report.

Based on the study, eight in 10 Canadian women agreed that although tough to do, they would rather look their personal best than be influenced by outside opinion. The poll also indicates that 75 percent believe they get more compliments about how they look than for their professional achievements at work.

Meanwhile, the same number of participants believed that every female has something about her that is beautiful. However, many still feel limited by their looks. Defying faulty opinions, the initiative celebrates difference with a burlesque dancer, lawyer, poet, blogger, model, psychiatrist, and more.

Additionally, the research found that nine in 10 participants admitted to having opted out of important activities such as attending social engagements when they didn’t feel good about their appearance. To tackle the issue and inspire, Dove’s new push features the true stories of nine remarkable women.

Unashamedly unique, each one shares her own experience with having both challenged and overcome other people’s judgments about their looks. Ultimately, the main aim of the push is to eliminate the pressure to ‘look the part’ and instead, pursue life’s passions with inner confidence and strength.

“Dove believes a woman’s beauty should be celebrated on her own terms, which is the central message of My Beauty, My Say. Through the stories of the women profiled, we want to give all women a platform to speak out against beauty limits,” said Diane Laberge, Marketing Director at Unilever Canada.

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