Domino’s bolsters presence as perfect partner to the Joy Of Missing Out

Domino’s Pizza UK, an American pizza brand, and VCCP UK antidotes fears of missing out with joys of missing out. We have all heard of the fear of missing out (FOMO) when being left out of cool stuff makes you really, really scared. The campaign highlights the benefits of a comfortable night in with a Domino’s Pizza over a crazy night out and about.

Domino’s introduces us to JOMO: the joy of missing out. JOMO applies to when we exaggerate how good an event might be in our heads, and when reality strikes, all we want to do is to go home and hide under the covers for even thinking of going to such an event.

In the hilarious spot by Domino’s, a group of young adults sit around the living room wondering what they are missing out on as the narrator takes you through the many cringey and plain boring episodes one could possibly go through.

Dinner at Milly’s? No, she’s too stuckup.

A boring play that you’ve probably already seen? Yes, they die at the end. What else is new, right?

A date that does not look at all like his profile picture? Definitely, no.

Movies that can be seen at home? Please.

And the list just goes on and on with sweaty men in the sauna, dancing to a silent disco, and going to a concert where you cannot see the stage. Just NO.

Then comes Domino’s to the rescue of those who sit around thinking about what they’re missing out. Turns out, not much.

Emily Somers, Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s said: “Domino’s occupies a special place in people’s hearts and minds and on any given evening, millions of us across the UK like nothing better than settling in for a night in with friends, family and our favourite pizza.

“But as a culture, we are told the opposite – that we should be out there doing something else, being busy all the time. Jomo is our antidote to this phenomenon and exults the specialness of the night in. We have worked closely with VCCP to develop this next instalment of our ‘Official Food of Everything’ campaign”.

Sam Heath, Creative Director, VCCP added: “When you boil it down, what a lot of brands spend their time doing is getting you to carpe-the-diem. We relish the opportunity to do the exact opposite – celebrating a night in with Domino’s as an active choice. If you are suffering from fomo, then jomo is your less pretentious, more relaxed remedy – I mean, I know where I would rather be.”

As the tagline says, “You’re good right where you are. Say no to FOMO and try JOMO.”

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