DHL Trade Fairs & Events to manage 1,000 square meter warehouse and coordinate venue logistics and delivery of sports equipment

DHL Trade Fairs & Events, specialists for fair and event logistics and part of DHL Freight, will be coordinating the transport and storage of sports equipment, venue logistics, and on-site support for the upcoming European Athletics Championships 2018.

In the run-up to the August competitions, the experts from DHL Trade Fairs & Events will advise and plan logistics for the managing organisation, Berlin Leichtathletik-EM 2018 GmbH.

“In athletics, it is all about maximising qualities like strength and endurance to achieve overall exceptional performance. We at DHL Trade Fairs & Events can identify with these values as we strive to optimise our efficiency and coordination to provide excellent service. We are delighted to support the European Athletics Championships Berlin 2018 with our transport solutions,” said Vincenzo Scrudato, Managing Director, DHL Trade Fairs & Events.

About 1,600 athletes from 47 different sports will be competing over six days of competition in Berlin. Handling the challenging logistics of a sports event of this size is a core competency of the company.

“We rate the company highly as one of the best logistics providers in their field, offering reliable fairs and event logistics services of the highest standard,” said Tim Herrmann of the Berlin Leichtathletik-EM2018.

The company will be the sole logistics partner for the European Athletics Championships. In addition to door-to-door logistics services with flexible delivery on-demand for athletes and VIPs, DHL is assembling 8,500 welcome bags with items from sponsors and transporting a shot put ring with a diameter of circa 240 centimetres and weight of 970 kilogrammes from the Olympic Stadium to two different venues in Berlin.

Further, two semi-trailers will serve as mobile storage space for vaulting poles, and DHL will provide additional equipment and on-site support. Deliveries of smaller goods and items between the competition venues or athletes quarters will take place climate-neutral by using the electric van StreetScooter.

In line with the group’s environmental protection programme GoGreen, the company is increasingly deploying green logistics solutions in its operations.

By the year 2025 Deutsche Post DHL Group will increase the carbon efficiency of its own activities and those of its transport subcontractors by 50% globally, as compared to the 2007 baseline. At the local level, the Group aims to improve the lives of people right where they live and work using clean transport solutions.

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