Delta Electronics has created a push to drive brand affinity and steer consumers towards a greener footprint. Its main message is change.

Delta Electronics has launched a video campaign depicting how its energy-efficient solutions transform lives. Titled Life Gets Better by Change, the three-minute short aims to stimulate brand awareness and deliver the benefits of connectivity and smart technologies.

The narrative sheds light on its continued investment in innovation. Delta Electronics maintains strong synergies relating to its research and development and manufacturing networks in Thailand, Indian, and Europe. Said aspect is a key highlight of its milestones.

Focused on contributing to a greener future, the push aims to inspire viewers to join the movement as the company works with its partners to lay the foundations of an increasingly sustainable footprint. The above goals support its Smarter. Greener. Together. ethos.

Delta Electronics is specialised in datacentre infrastructure, smart manufacturing, energy storage, clean renewable energy, and EV charging. The group partners with technology companies worldwide to support its efforts around improving the urban landscape.

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