Canned tomatoes brand, Contadina, has partnered with Cherry Bombe and Hedley & Bennett to bring a commemorative occasion to life.

A tribute to its heritage, Contadina is celebrating 100 years of women in the kitchen and culinary field. The brand has tapped LA-based maker of aprons, chef wear, and accessories, Hedley & Bennett, to design a limited-edition apron in conjunction with its anniversary.

To mark its Cherry Bombe 100 partnership and honour the women on its list, Contadina is hosting an event with its media and design partners at Hedley & Bennett’s location in Los Angeles. All honourees will receive the limited-edition apron as a token of appreciation.

“In celebrating our 100-year anniversary, we want to pay tribute to our heritage. I can’t think of a better way than by partnering with these wonderful female-fuelled companies to honour women and their impact in the world of food,” said Marc Fehlberg, Brand Manager for Contadina.

Since 1918, the Del Monte brand has been on a mission to perfect canned tomatoes. It uses vine-ripened Roma tomatoes—harvested and canned the same day—to preserve the authentic flavour of cooked meals.

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