Slated for release in Britain and Europe this year, the new virtual football game by Cybrid is a sequel to Japan’s smash-hit, BFB 2016.

Japanese game developer, Cybrid, has named Diego Maradona the star player for its new football game dubbed BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off. A sequel to the country’s smash-hit soccer game, BFB 2016, the offering is scheduled to hit smartphones in the West later this year.

An icon, the man needs to introduction. Depending on one’s persuasion, the new release affords gamers an opportunity to either revere or revile the legend. Thirty years later, would-be managers now have the chance to put him in their own team or get revenge by beating rivals who have him in theirs.

The sports legend is set to appear across the brand’s publicity materials as well as feature as a three-dimension character in said game. Fans are expected to receive their first glimpse of the digital version of Maradona in action via a trailer rolled out in conjunction with the announcement.

With the video, viewers will be able to capture the recreation of the world-famous ‘Goal of the Century’ against England during the 1986 World Cup. Enthusiasts can sign up for a pre-registration bonus deal to unlock Maradona as a player on their squad when the game sees official debut.

BFB Champions allows players to become the manager of a football club and compete in leagues and against players worldwide. Currently available in Japan and Hong Kong, it offers an improved system and a range of new features. The game is slated for release in Britain and Europe in 2016.

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