The campaign is all about cutting away from the daily routine and draws from the core values that have inspired Cutwater since the brand’s very beginning

Cutwater Spirits, the most awarded canned cocktail brand in the US, releases its “Cut Out With Cutwater” ad campaign with a TV commercial airing on game day, digital takeovers, and a social media series featuring actress Emily Hampshire, renowned for her role as Stevie Budd on Schitt’s Creek and “longtime Cut-Out enthusiast.”

Approachable with a distinctly SoCal aesthetic, the campaign is all about cutting away from the daily routine and draws from the core values that have inspired Cutwater since the brand’s very beginning. As a former brewer familiar with the canned format, Cutwater Spirits’ Co-Founder and Master Distiller, Yuseff Cherney came up with the idea to take his award-winning spirits and create high-quality canned cocktails so they could be enjoyed anywhere.

He and Co-Founder Earl Kight have since pioneered the category by breaking from convention and carving out their own path to bring this unique vision to life. The Cut Out campaign serves as a nod to Yuseff and Earl’s tenacity, adventurous spirit, and love for spending time outdoors. A manifesto reminding consumers to embrace the simple idea of taking a moment to unplug; and that with Cutwater, enjoying a great tasting cocktail is as easy as cracking open a can.

“Cutwater Spirits started as a passion project. We began canning cocktails so that people could enjoy a high-quality mixed drink with ease and convenience. From there, the idea took off,” says Cherney. “Since the beginning, we’ve focused on one thing – creating great tasting cocktails for any occasion – whether that’s fishing on the Pacific or relaxing in your own backyard.”

The new 30-second “Cut Out” spot is Cutwater’s first-ever ad to run during the biggest football game of the year, and is now airing on TV channels including ESPN and CBS Sports, as well as social media. On Sunday, 7 February, the ad will air in key regional markets on the west coast including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Seattle. There will be an accompanying national rollout on YouTube the following day.

Cutwater is also partnering with actress and comedian Emily Hampshire of Schitt’s Creek, a self-proclaimed “longtime cut out enthusiast” in a lighthearted social media campaign which kicks off on Instagram and Twitter today. Whilst the TV commercial comes to life with lively outdoor “Cut Out” occasions, Emily will highlight her own hilarious at-home interpretations of the theme.

“Many of us no longer have that physical divide between home life and work life, so it’s hard to feel entitled to cut out… let alone know how to do it!” shares Hampshire. “As a long-time cut out enthusiast, I’m here to educate and inspire. Cutting out is not self-care. It’s caring enough about yourself to not feel guilty about all the self-care exercise and meditating you’re not doing. Cutting out is self-care without all those hashtag goals. Listen, most of the time, I don’t even know what day it is. But I’m okay with that because cutting out doesn’t judge you for mixing weekends with weekdays. Cutting out is living in the moment, like watching other people hike whilst cracking open a canned White Russian that tastes like dessert. You’re welcome.”

As part of the series, Emily will announce Cutwater’s Ultimate Backyard Sweepstakes with prizes to help winners “Cut Out” from the daily grind. The winning packages include a glamping Yurt (16′), premium fire pit, cabana chairs, Cutwater cooler filled with a supply of Cutwater Spirits’ award-winning canned cocktails and more.

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