Churchill have replaced the nodding Churchill mascot in their latest campaign for a CGI version.

The insurance company, whose nodding dog was reminiscent of Winston Churchill, wanted to revamp the brand without losing the image of the dog, who was a key feature of the company.

The original nodding mascot whose catchphrase “Oh, yes” became synonymous with the insurance brand, was introduced in 1996 and voiced by Bob Mortimer. In this rebrand, the company hope to reach a younger, modern audience, with a CGI version of the dog, that doesn’t speak. 

Whilst some customers took to social media to express their dismay at the change, Churchill are confident this new change will give the company the boost it needs. 

Speaking to Marketing Week, head of marketing, Lucy Brooksbank said: 

“The brand is seen as dependable and reliable but lacked any real distinctiveness. The market is cluttered and commoditised, so we need a modern and culturally relevant brand to ensure that we stand out from the crowd and gain that valuable click on a price comparison site.”

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