Chili’s has launched a limited-edition Halloween costume set featuring a pair of boxers and cardboard cell phone prop now available online.

Riding on the virality of the Hi, welcome to Chili’s phenomenon from 2015 initiated by Vine user, Adam Perkins, Chili’s is getting its creep on with the roll-out of the brand’s first ever Halloween costume. The two-item offering, worth $25, features a pair of branded boxers and cardboard mobile phone prop.

Available for purchase via a dedicated microsite, the limited-edition Chili’s combo is up for grabs until supplies last. According to the food and beverage provider, the piece is “sourced from tears of pure laughter, made with the finest cotton-polyester blend known to man, and designed with a custom pattern not found anywhere else.”

welcome to chilis
Chilis Grill Bar has something special in store this Halloween

When released on social media in March 2015, the Perkins video, I’m really proud of this one, went on to garner more than four million views on a single channel, instantly popularising the Hi, welcome to Chili’s phrase. In it, the Viner walks into a bathroom wearing only boxers and utters the famous line, which soon after became a meme.

Adding a quirky twist to Halloween this year, Chili’s is inviting customers and enthusiasts to turn into a viral sensation by slipping into its boxers and capturing ‘mirror selfies’ using its complementary cardboard invention. Those interested can visit the Halloween website and shop for the product online before it sells out.

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