For 50 fun-packed years, Chewits has taken the U.K. on a taste adventure with their fantastic sweets. This year marks Chewits’ 50th anniversary.

It all started in 1963 when J Arthur Holland invented ‘Chewzits’, a softer version of the chew many love today. Just two years and a quick name change later Chewits was born in its original flavour – Orange. In addition to the core original flavours of Blackcurrant and Orange, over the years more exotic flavours such as Ice Cream, Rhubarb and Custard, and Blue Mint were introduced as limited edition flavours. What better reason to celebrate than with some of the nation’s best loved chew sweets. Take a trip down memory lane with your grandparents, parents or friends and remember Chewits.

Each memory is different, you may remember the ‘Monster Muncher’ in one of his most iconic adverts as he munched through the Taj Mahal, the leaning tower of Pisa and the Empire State Building. Not one of these buildings could match Chewits delicious flavour and texture, after all Chewits are chewier than Barrow in Furness Bus Depot.

The Chewits brand conjures up many nostalgic memories particularly for 90’s kids bopping along to ‘I like to Chew it Chew It.’ The iconic dinosaur rolling around on his bus roller skates and chewing his way through town, always evokes positive and fun memories. Chewiethe Chewitsaurus holds a special place in everyone’s hearts.

“With over 94% brand awareness in the UK from everyone at Chewits we would like to thank the consumers for keeping Chewits alive in the heart of the UK”

50 years later Chewits are still a success story, with 8 flavour variants with much loved favourites such as Fruit Salad and Xtreme Sour Pineapple expanding the product portfolio. With over 480,000 fans on Facebook and over 11.3K followers on Twitter, Chewits has made a mark with its digital consumers, leveraging the nostalgia of the brand.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary Chewits have launched some special edition retro products. Get your groove on with Chewits limited edition Blackcurrant Stick pack and retro multipack! The groovy retro packaging looks like it has just come straight from the psychedelic 60’s.The Chewits exclusive Retro Multipack is like a flavour party that Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Fruit Salad are all invited to. The special edition packs will be available in retailers across the UK from late May.

Chewitz Blackcurrant

To celebrate 50 years Chewits have also launched their very own Facebook app ‘Chewie on the Loose’ which allows users to take Chewie on a rampage. Later in the year Chewits will be continuing the fun with huge giveaways and competitions to celebrate the 50th.

Stuart Lane, Commercial Director of Cloetta UK said “It has been wonderful seeing the Chewits brand develop into the very successful brand it is today. Our plans for the year are very exciting with the launch of our ‘Chewie on the Loose’ application and later on in the year a huge Chewits 50th giveaway. With over 94% brand awareness in the UK from everyone at Chewits we would like to thank the consumers for keeping Chewits alive in the heart of the UK”

Join in the fun on Facebook and celebrate Chewits 50th anniversary.

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