In celebration of National Ketchup Day (5 June), tech accessories group, Casetify, and ketchup brand, Heinz, a multi-time winner of the World Branding Awards, are teaming up to give fans the most delicious collection of accessories yet. The Heinz x Casetify collection will be available to shop and enjoy around the world starting 5 June.

The Heinz x Casetify collection features new cases inspired by the timeless ketchup brand the world has come to know and love for over 150 years, including a nod to the iconic Heinz bottle that’s become a classic staple on tables everywhere.

The collection features a range of accessories for iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watches, iPads, Macbooks and more, starting at US$25/£20. As the first-ever custom Heinz collection, shoppers will be invited to personalise two different designs in the Casetify Custom Studio, taking their monograms and monikers to premium quality cases.

The highly anticipated collection joins the ranks of Casetify’s notable creative programme, Casetify Co-Lab. Known for introducing limited-edition collections that sell out within hours, Heinz x Casetify will be made available to shop worldwide, shipping to over 180 countries.

“Heinz Ketchup is beloved by fans around the world, from tattoos of our glass bottle to secret safety stashes of packets,” said Dalia Adler, US Heinz brand lead. “We can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Ketchup Day than to bring Heinz ketchup-obsessed fans a way to make their phones and laptops just as delicious as their fries.”

New to the Casetify lineup, the collaboration welcomes the first Quilted Puffy Case, a fun accessory inspired by the experience of squeezing a Heinz single-serve ketchup packet onto one’s favourite food. Products in the lineup will also include designer prints on Casetify’s best-selling styles, novel ketchup and fries Floaty Cases, Heinz x Casetify UV Sanitizers, and the recently introduced 2-in-1 Grip Stand.

“We have a thing for perfect pairings, and our Heinz collection makes for the most delicious way to dress your tech,” said Wes Ng, Casetify CEO and Co-founder. “We’re pulling out all the stops to introduce a global collection that not only protects your phone but also makes the ultimate statement in Heinz fashion.”

Casetify worked with Brand Central, Kraft Heinz’s outbound licensing agency, and Kraft Heinz to bring the Heinz tech accessories collection to life. This licensing collaboration is the first to go live as part of Kraft Heinz Company’s larger outbound licensing strategy announced in 2019.

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