Cadbury and Ogilvy India send powerful message of unity for Indian Independence Day celebration

Cadbury, a multinational confectionary company, recently released a limited-edtion Unity Bar aimed at promoting unity in diversity on India’s Independence Day, which was on 15 August.

Targetting people of different religions, castes and languages, the Unity Bar featured a mix of dark, milk, white and blended chocolate, bringing people of different taste preferences together.

The brand had teamed up with PR agency, Ogilvy India, on this project.

The brand’s iconic purple packaging was redesigned to celebrate the day, featuring a representation of India’s diverse society hand-in-hand.

The campaign also features the various languages that can be found in the populous nation.

The brand tweeted about this release on 15 August saying, “This Independence Day, let’s celebrate a country that stands united in its diversity. Presenting the Cadbury Unity Bar, India’s first chocolate with dark, blended, milk and white chocolate all under one wrap.”

Ogilvy stated that India is a diverse country with people of different castes, creed, languages, regions and religions on its website. It also said that everyone lives together, but do not live with love. It confirmed that the brand wanted to send a powerful message of unity.

This campaign finds its place in a time when people all over the world are searching for a way to foster unity instead of division within the fabric of society.

Many brands like Cadbury are using their products and influence, alongside powerful ad agencies, to push vital messages of unity and peace that call upon the brands’ loyal customers for action, bringing awareness and information to consumers everywhere.

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