Cadbury heartfelt campaign focuses on the heart of generous instinct at Easter

Easter has increasingly become over-commercialised and no longer a heartfelt time, with the priority placed on finding chocolate eggs to devour instead of showing your loved ones that you care. But Easter at its core is a holiday when our generous instinct is reawakened after a long winter, with the perfect reminder by Cadbury that ‘there is a glass and a half in everyone’.

The confectionery company Cadbury Easter campaign, ‘Show you care, hide it’, builds on this by encouraging the nation to put time and effort into hiding an egg for a loved one, rather than simply handing one over.

The ‘Show you care, hide it’ platform and the resulting TVC and OOH executions were created by Adam Sears and Ben Evans at VCCP.

The 40-second spot is filled with the natural light of a spring day, and directed by Si&Ad. It tells the story of a grandfather hiding shiny purple eggs around his flat; finding places high and low. There’s a knock at the door and in runs his granddaughter and tall teenage grandson. As the little girl runs off in search of Easter eggs, the grandson greets his grandpa with a big hello hug and we see his eyes darting across the room, looking around for eggs for himself.

The OOH executions also showcase hiding spots in real homes. Mark Leary, the photographer, captures spring light and focuses on playfully hidden Cadbury eggs. In the DOOH, these eggs topple into the frame from their carefully chosen hiding places.

This creative platform was brought to life on social and digital platforms by Amy Taylor and Louise Organ. Their creative, again captured by Mark Leary, focuses on the act of hiding, demonstrating the effort and consideration required to place an egg in the right spot for a loved one.

Declan Duggan, Senior Brand Manager, Cadbury said: “We see Easter as a holiday to reawaken the generous spirit in people; a Cadbury Easter Egg is all it takes to connect with your loved ones and show you care.”

Chris Birch and Jonny Parker, Creative Directors at VCCP, added: “There’s simply giving chocolate eggs at Easter, ‘There you go’, ‘Happy Easter’, which is fine but it can all get a bit transactional. By going to great lengths to hide eggs for someone, like our moderately intrepid Granddad, we’re championing the fun, caring, memorable Easters that people might just remember”.

Cadbury was a winner of the World Branding Awards at Kensington Palace last year. Watch the interview we had with Colin O’Toole, the brand’s Equity Lead.

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