Worldwide Olympic Partner, Bridgestone, to support Olympic Winter Games with product supply, athlete partnerships, education programmes and more

Bridgestone, a tyre and rubber company and a Worldwide Olympic Partner, is ready to support the staging of the upcoming Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018—its first Olympic Winter Games as a Worldwide Olympic Partner—through a variety of product, athlete and education initiatives in South Korea.

As part of its Games-time programme, the company is supplying winter tyres for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) vehicles within the Olympic fleet, and is supporting Team Bridgestone—a global roster of Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls aiming to compete in PyeongChang.

Additionally, the company is proud to support the official PyeongChang 2018 Education Programme to help the Games leave a lasting, positive impact in the host country, and it plans to share its core Olympic message, “Chase Your Dream,” with visitors and fans through marketing efforts in the host country.

Through its global Olympic message entitled “Chase Your Dream,” Bridgestone is working to bring the Olympic spirit to life in ways that empower people everywhere to overcome adversity and persevere in pursuit of their goals.

In the host country, this message will be featured in Bridgestone out of home advertising visible at Incheon Airport, throughout Seoul, and near PyeongChang 2018 venues to help welcome Olympic fans, volunteers and media to South Korea.

Bridgestone branding and the “Chase Your Dream” video creative also will be featured on digital signage in South Korea, as well as advertisements on digital properties like the Olympic Channel.

“As we count down to the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, Bridgestone is proud to further demonstrate our commitment to the Olympic Movement, to the world’s greatest athletes, and to improving the way people move, live, work and play as aligned with the company’s ‘Our Way to Serve’ commitment. These Games also mark another important step forward in strengthening the Bridgestone brand on the global stage. We look forward to showcasing our high-performing products and services, growing our business in South Korea and engaging our 143,000 teammates worldwide while sharing our ‘Chase Your Dream’ message that empowers people everywhere to persevere in pursuit of their dreams,” said Asahiko ‘Duke’ Nishiyama, Executive Vice President and Executive Officer, Bridgestone Corporation.



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