Twitch streamers join forces with Bounty, the quicker picker-upper because messes aren’t limited to the kitchen

Bounty partners Twitch for every gamer out there. Every gamer has been there. They’re right in the middle of an epic match and aren’t able to step away for a bite to eat, so they bring their lunch to their station. That’s when the unthinkable happens. The mouse hits their drink and spills all over the table, right next to the keyboard—“game over” flashes all over the screen.

That’s where Procter & Gamble’s Bounty paper towels, the Quicker Picker Upper, has consumers and gamers covered in partnership with Twitch, the leading service and community for multiplayer entertainment step. Bounty and Twitch have teamed up with popular streamers including Joshua Beaver (JoshOG), Anthony Kongphan (AnthonyKongphan), and Hannah Kennedy (Bnans) to help fellow gamers with potential spills and accidents during game time.

“At Bounty, we know that messes aren’t limited to the kitchen. They can happen anywhere, at any time. For gamers, accidents next to their sets can get very real, very quickly,” said Angie Mcauliffe, Bounty Communications Manager, Procter & Gamble.

“That’s why we are so excited about the partnership with Twitch to show how the Quicker Picker Upper is the best solution to clean up that mess or spill without interrupting the game.”

You can watch Joshua Beaver, Anthony Kongphan and Hannah Kennedy clean up the mess just in time with Bounty here, and be sure to stay tuned via Twitch to find out who else joins in on the clean up throughout the month of June.

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