Belairdirect has updated its marketing strategy and is using cinematic storytelling to relay its elevated consumer focus through a campaign.

Belairdirect, the Canadian car and home insurance provider, has introduced a fresh cinematic storytelling approach to its refreshed marketing direction and latest campaign. The push aims to showcase a simplified offering which allows one to maintain control even when in challenging situations.

Research conducted by the brand revealed that, in extreme cases, Canadians felt powerless when dealing with matters related to insurance due to a limited understanding in terms of purchase and utilisation. The seasoned carrier wants to demonstrate that it is well-positioned to tackle said concerns.

With the spotlight on its digital tools and usage-based automerit programme, the group has carved a strategy spanning multiple channels to include television, digital, billboards, and radio. Belairdirect clients remain the central characters of the narrative being carried across two key campaign spots.

Where exaggerated perilous situations are depicted, from mobster threats and monster neighbours, tension and humour are applied to the commercials to entertain viewers while instilling confidence in users over belairdirect products like its Home Claim Forgiveness and Quick Quote Car and Home.

“Consumers want to feel a connection with and trust the brands they bring into their lives. We are demonstrating our commitment to that through our marketing efforts. People should feel protected, particularly in tough situations,” said Humberto Valencia, VP of Marketing & Digital Strategy, belairdirect.

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