Banana Republic WORK WHERE? campaign celebrates modern work And International Women’s Day

This March, Banana Republic, a clothing and accessories retailer, celebrates WORK WHERE?—an unconventional campaign—challenging the traditional concept of where, how and why we work, and what we wear to do it.

The campaign was directed in-house by Len Peltier, the brand’s Creative Director, and showcases a kinetic montage of videos and images on a range of real people breaking boundaries in the broad landscape of modern work.

“At Banana Republic, we have always been global citizens and we are fascinated by the ever-changing modern lifestyle of what is work, what is personal and everything in between,” said Peltier.

“It is rewarding to spotlight such dimensional friends of the brand – people who are creating impactful work across disciplines and breaking boundaries, big and small, every day.”

Mary Alderete, Banana Republic’s Chief Marketing Officer, also added that the campaign celebrates the brand’s DNA of challenging the normal as it is a company founded by unconventional boundary breakers.

“We continue to push ourselves to do more and do better in terms of sustainability, diversity and how we represent where people work and what they wear to get the job done. The landscape of modern work is changing and Banana Republic is the most relevant place to find that confident expression of your own personal style – no matter what you are doing to impact the world with your work,” Alderete said.

Grammy-nominated recording artist Saint Sinner, recording artist Goapele, street artist Apexer, actor Jimmie Fails, photographer Grady Brannan, real estate developer Mari Swim, executive Todd Palmerton, cafe owner Lea Sabado, entrepreneur Jamal Blake-Williams, and social media manager Halee Edwards are amongst the individuals sharing their unique style perspectives for WORK WHERE?

From utility spring chinos to trench coats, the versatility of what they are wearing is as dynamic as the day-to-day moments captured in real-life settings.

The brand continues to champion the journeys of movement artist Jon Boogz and poet, screenwriter and artist Chinaka Hodge, both of whom return for an encore spotlight in March’s WORK WHERE? campaign.

To amplify Hodge’s voice of female empowerment, products with select phrases from her spoken-word piece will be given away on Banana Republic’s Instagram channel to fellow boundary breakers on International Women’s Day.

The company will make a US$100k/£78k donation to CARE, a non-profit which focuses on fighting poverty and the advancement of women and girls around the world.

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