The artiste and music producer has been named the marque’s Global Chief Creative for Culture for a portfolio of Bacardí brands.

Bacardí has inked an exclusive deal with Swizz Beatz (pictured) involving events, marketing, and social activations with industry influencers. For the multi-year agreement, the artiste and award-winning music producer has been named the marque’s Global Chief Creative for Culture for an entire portfolio of brands.

The partnership marks a first for the beverage company, and combines the international reach and depth of both iconic entities. The goal of the tie-up is to develop partnerships, activations, and ideas which further incorporate the group’s various brands into the music, art, and film space.

As part of the business relationship, he will also represent the spirits producer and its stand-out collections at numerous cultural activations in the United States as well as emerging markets. Platforms, venues, and event details are expected to be announced once finalised.

The above takes place on the heels of a previous collaboration from last December as part of a cultural experience at Art Basel 2015 in Miami. The alliance was in line with the No Commission Art Fair and Untamable House Party Concert Series, which also drew Alicia Keys, DMX, and Wiz Khalifa to the stage.

As the alcoholic beverages company works towards enhancing its reputation for cutting-edge thinking and presence, it will work with Swizz Beatz to forge deals with the most creative icons in sports, fashion, technology, art and film around the world in the coming months.

“For Bacardí, having Swizz as a partner represents an opportunity to sell more than just bottles and cocktails. Consumers are identifying with brands that fit their lifestyle in culturally relevant ways and he is the perfect partner to identify and forge these new consumer connections,” said Mike Dolan, CEO of Bacardí.

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