Axe launched an advertisement campaign advising men not to overthink

The Axe campaign launched on Monday, 9 March 2020 which marks the Unilever-owned brand’s first US TV support since August. The 30-second spot aims to encourage young men to use Axe body spray as a way to combat body odour and to essentially attract women.

The brand advertisement features a guy watching a basketball game at a stadium imagining his body odour has caused a panic in a basketball arena, landing him on the ‘stink cam’, prompting the crowd to faint and flee as aeroplane-style oxygen masks drop down for people on the court.

The campaign was developed from an Axe survey research showing that 42% of US teens find the rules and advice around modern dating confusing. “Don’t overthink it” targets Gen Z males and aims to encourage them to use Axe body spray instead of giving space to anxiety and self-doubt about their bodies.

Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook, who is also involved in the campaign as a creator of brands, along with a host of social comedy creators including Donte Colley, King Bach, Kenny Knox and more, makes a cameo appearance as a disembodied image.

The advertisement ends with the featured male spraying himself with a bottle of Axe and lands himself a seat next to a woman, whilst a voiceover says, “Axe. Whilst it’s on, you’re on.”

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