Avocados From Mexico, a produce brand,┬ákicked off the new year dedicated to health and wellness with two new partnerships that focus on avocados as a good-fat and heart-healthy fruit. The year-round campaign includes a partnership with global superstar singer, songwriter, author and entrepreneur Thalia, centred around a “Cooking Healthy with Thalia” challenge to promote the positive impact avocados have as part of a healthy diet.

The brand additionally launched an interactive digital partnership with MyFitnessPal to drive home the message that avocados are “Always Worth It.”

Avocados from Mexico’s “Cooking Healthy with Thalia” challenge will offer consumers a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact directly with Thalia for an entire month, which began on February 28.

“I am so excited to partner with Avocados From Mexico for ‘Cooking Healthy with Thalia,” said Thalia. “Exercising and eating healthy have always been important to me and avocados are one of my all-time favourite fruits. I cannot wait to share these delicious recipes with my fans.”

Users can sign up online to kick off their “Cooking Healthy with Thalia” experience. They can then continue to engage with the programme via text, email and voice messages that offer healthy lifestyle tips, avocado recipes and creative ways to enjoy avocados.

Additionally, subscribers will have the opportunity to cook alongside Thalia and Chef Pati Jinich via tutorial videos featuring delicious healthy avocado recipes.

“Thalia is admired by audiences everywhere, not only for her music, but also for her healthy lifestyle. Born and raised in Mexico, she epitomises AFM’s heritage, making her the perfect spokesperson for this initiative and we are thrilled to partner with her,” said Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital Marketing at Avocados From Mexico.

Avocados From Mexico targeted the MyFitnessPal health and fitness community during October, September and January 2020, and encouraged avocado lovers to eat more avocados and pursue healthier lifestyles. The platform challenged users to log 30 or more avocados on MyFitnessPal.com within the campaign period, with opportunities for participants to win prizes.

“The partnership with MyFitnessPal was a no-brainer,” added Ivonne Kinser. “Avocados are already wildly popular on the platform as the second most-logged item in 2018, and we saw an important increase in avocado logs since beginning our work with them, resulting in more than 562K participants and over 195,684 avocados logged on the platform.”

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