AqVerium, the first digital water bank in the world by AquaKraft Group Ventures, has partnered with Leo Burnett India to create the world’s first Water Sustainability Score. The partnership comes at an opportune time when sustainable development plays a leading role in adapting to climate change.

Although 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, the resource is a precious and irreplaceable commodity. Hence, the Water Sustainability Score takes on the format of a report card for brands. Products are scored between 1-100 on a sustainability scale, with 1 being the least sustainable and 100 the highest.

The score is obtained from the role water plays in the development of a product. Accordingly, factors include how water is sourced, used, wasted, and recycled. It may not seem so, but water is an element used to create the everyday things we use around us, like shoes, shirts, and phones.

With the Water Sustainability Score, the approach also provides a guide for comprehensive solutions brands can adopt to be more water-positive. Furthermore, integrating improved countermeasures to use water wisely can help brands offset their score and make better environmental choices.

The Water Sustainability Score by AqVerium
Image Source AqVerium

Besides that, the initiative reflects a brand’s commitment to transparency and accountability in its products. Similar examples are marks and verifications like cruelty-free, fairtrade-certified, recycling symbols, vegan-friendly, and more. Thus, customers can make well-informed choices to opt for sustainable products.

Launched recently, the first brand onboard the Water Sustainability Score is the Bangalore International Airport Limited. Proving its commitment to sustainability, the brand will continue its resolve towards sustainable water practices and encourage others to do the same.

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