Household tech brand Apple has released its latest slew of commercials, featuring the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro. The advertisements come as the next generation of iPhone models are expected to be released in September, prompting consumers to snap up the iPhone 14 units before then.

Battery for Miles, Featuring the iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 Plus units carry the largest battery ever inside an iPhone, with a 4325mAh range. Although the iPhone 14 Plus has a 6.7” display, like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the former is considerably cheaper and has a greater battery capacity. 

The ‘Battery for Miles’ advertisement opens with a picturesque scene: mountains in the distance, bush by the sides, and a long dirt-road trail in the centre as far as the eye can see. A man driving a tractor pulling a pumpkin comes into the frame, and the camera follows his solitary journey across the trail. 

As Ludacris’ ‘Two Miles An Hour’ plays in the background, the only signs of life viewers can see are a lone cow amidst some shrubs and the tractor driver. Attached close to the steering wheel is the iPhone 14 Plus, with its navigational Maps app active. “In 102 miles, continue straight.” says the app, to which the farmer lifts an eyebrow. 

Right on cue is Apple’s tagline and their selling point: “Our longest battery life. Relax, it’s iPhone 14 Plus.” Associating their biggest iPhone battery with a long journey ahead is creative marketing, as frequent drivers would know and relate to the battery life of phones while using GPS apps.

Crash Test, Featuring the iPhone 14 Pro

The advertisement begins with a car in a garage, but as the lights come on and the scene changes, the vehicle turns upside down, mimicking a crash. 

In the front seat is a crash dummy, its yellow face remaining unchanging as Gene Chandler’s ‘You Can’t Hurt Me No More’ plays on. The vehicle rolls over multiple times like a cameo in an action movie, finally coming to a halt with a close-up of the iPhone 14 Pro sitting securely in the phone holder. 

On the display screen are the words: “It looks like you’ve been in a crash. iPhone will trigger Emergency SOS if you don’t respond.” On the screen, the lower half shows options to swipe for an SOS call or to exit the feature. 

As the crash dummy looks on, the tagline appears. “Crash Detection. Relax, it’s iPhone 14 Pro.” All four iPhone models have the Emergency SOS feature, and the advertisement righteously showcases the iPhone 14 Pro and its strength.

The iPhone 15 is highly-anticipated to be released in September, although there is no confirmation on the Pro, Pro Max, or Plus variants.

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