The CO2 laser market has gained a huge influx of patients since the development of cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic processes.

Of course, one cannot resist asking this question, why this potential increase in demand? Most importantly, the rising cosmetic surgery demand and prevalence of chronic conditions direct huge customers to the CO2 medical laser sector.

In 2022, the CO2 laser sector gained a worth of USD 542.1 million. Now, experts predict this figure will increase by 10% in 2023.

Besides healing different chronic conditions, CO2 medical laser remains a helping tool for dermatologists.

Years ago, people searched for ‘aesthetic wallpapers,’ but now they are more involved in having aesthetic procedures.

Reasons behind CO2 Laser Tremendous Market Expansion

This mid-infrared laser has gained popularity due to multiple reasons. First and foremost, it’s an ideal tool for the skin, as it absorbs well in water present abundantly in the skin. Due to this efficacy, it’s excellent for ablation.

Further, CO2 laser treats various skin diseases, including verruca plantaris, soft fibromas, syringomas, common warts, skin ulcers, etc. Thus, it has become a common tool due to its widespread clinical application and safe practice.

CO2 laser
The CO2 laser is being performed on a patient

Besides, experts highlight CO2 laser prevalence in the surgical field. As an incision tool, it has gained widespread practicality in surgical procedures. Some notable procedures are; neurology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and neurology.

What’s more interesting is that people can relocate to get CO2 medical laser treatment. According to a recent survey os 2021, people from 177 countries travel to Germany for this effective procedure for different purposes. Similarly, the CO2 laser has become a hub in the UK. A laser clinic in the UK keeps abreast of the latest techniques and equipment to provide customer-centered service.

Also, CO2 laser treatment manifests its effectiveness in veterinary medicine. There it works for therapeutic and rehabilitation reasons.

Another reason that makes this approach into practice is its accessibility and cost-effectivity. Hence, people prefer this procedure due to the extensive array of services. That’s why one can expect its terrific market growth in the near future as well.

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