American Airlines shows support for efforts to fight poverty and build community

CHOICE Humanitarian and American Airlines Group are demonstrating their commitment to making a global sustainable impact through a strategic partnership during the 2019 United Nations Conference.

The United Nations Civil Society Conference in August 2019 is being held outside of the UN Headquarters in New York City for the first time. The conference will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and will focus on building sustainable and inclusive cities. Nonprofit organisations from around the world will converge at the annual conference to share ideas and learn and experience best practices for building peaceful and sustainable communities.

However, for grassroots nonprofits, finding the budget for staff to travel internationally is nearly impossible. American Airlines recognised the unique opportunity to support CHOICE by providing roundtrip flights for staff members in each country where the nonprofit works, which includes Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, and Peru.

American Airlines Regional Director of State and Local Affairs, Joe Hughes, noted: “As an organisation that holds sustainability and inclusivity at the core of our identity, we seek to support others who do the same. We are excited by the work CHOICE Humanitarian is doing to support efforts to fight poverty and build communities around the world and are honoured to assist in connecting those communities.”

The roundtrip flights from the airline will allow CHOICE’s international staff to attend and present at the United Nations Civil Society Conference. In addition, CHOICE is capitalising on this opportunity by utilising the days leading up to the conference for additional training and professional development for their in-country teams. CHOICE will have all seven of their In-Country Directors along with their staff attend the international conference.

“As a global nonprofit working in seven different countries, we face the unique challenge of building a team that is unified whilst being located in remote areas around the globe,” said Leah Barker, CEO of CHOICE Humanitarian.

“We are confident this opportunity for our teams to attend the United Nations conference will be critical as we expand our vision and capabilities to eradicate poverty. Without the support of American Airlines, it would not be possible to bring our diverse team together.”

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