The spot depicts a series of reconnection moments consumers have been missing, highlighting the new memories waiting to be made with Hilton

Hilton has announced the US debut of “To New Memories,” the company’s first global marketing campaign since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The insights-driven initiative reflects consumers’ desire to reconnect with the people and places they love.

The campaign comes on the heels of a new survey uncovering that travel memories are some of the happiest memories of consumers’ lives (89% of survey respondents), suggesting that most Americans (188 million) would say they are experiencing a travel memory deficit.

The results also revealed the optimism and desire consumers have for traveling again soon, a feeling that is reflected in the new campaign and new Hilton packages and promotions.

The global marketing effort, first launched in September in China, the United Kingdom and Germany, is rolling out on 12 October in the US and Saudi Arabia. As a catalyst for memories for more than 100 years, Hilton developed the campaign to inspire consumers to move from dreaming to planning their next trip to create new memories.

“While so much has changed this year, some things remain true – people crave connections, seeking out the reliable, friendly experiences that only our hospitality can provide,” said Chris Nassetta, president and chief executive officer, Hilton. “Hilton is here to help you make new memories, whenever you are ready.”

A new survey commissioned by Hilton shows that nearly nine in 10 travelers say travel memories are some of the happiest of their lives, while 95% of survey respondents who travel are missing travel right now and 90% of survey respondents believe we are currently experiencing a travel memory deficit.

For 91% of those surveyed who travel, hotel experiences are often a memorable part of their travel, and more than one in four stay at the same lodging accommodations in order to keep their travel memories alive. Nearly all American travelers surveyed (94%) plan to travel again once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, with 66% saying they will quit putting off “bucket list” vacations in the future.

“Travelers have a pent-up yearning to get out of the home and reconnect with friends, family and the world around them. ‘To New Memories’ is designed to unlock those possibilities with the assurances of the utmost in hospitality, cleanliness and flexibility Hilton hospitality is known for,” said Mark Weinstein, senior vice president and global head, marketing and loyalty, Hilton.

The Hilton US, “To New Memories” encompasses heartwarming TV ads, online videos and other digital and social content. The video content depicts a series of reconnection moments consumers have been missing, highlighting the new memories waiting to be made with Hilton.

The US creative was directed by acclaimed Hollywood writer and director Rick Famuyiwa, best known for directing episodes of “The Mandalorian” and “The Chi” series as well as critically praised films.

“We’ve all been locked down these past few months, and we would all love to get away and indulge in some fun and escapism,” said Famuyiwa. “These spots for Hilton’s ‘To New Memories’ campaign tell people it’s okay to want that.”

Hilton has been a trusted leader of the travel and hospitality industry during the global crisis. The company launched new programmes and adopted new protocols to support consumers around the globe and make them feel comfortable with Hilton as their first choice to make new memories.

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