Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, a Grammy-winning singer, has unveiled a fresh hair care line named Cécred, that takes cues from hair traditions across the world. This brand incorporates cutting-edge patent-pending techniques and fermentation processes to enhance the strength, moisture, and lustre of textured hair.

Cécred hair technology
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This haircare range has been in development for years and strives to provide “what hair craves.” It boasts luxurious conditioners and potent protein blends, enriched with an assortment of butters, oils, honey, and fermented rice water. These ingredients work synergistically to reinforce weak, damaged, or excessively styled hair.

Furthermore, Knowles-Carter, the founder and chairwoman of Cécred, said in a statement: “The journey to bring Cécred to life has been years in the making, and I’m incredibly proud to unveil our labour of love. As a Black founder, it was crucial for me to focus on addressing the pressing need for comprehensive haircare solutions and to prioritise scientific advancement and product efficacy above all else. Our journey began by centering the needs of textured hair, including my own, as well as other hair types and textures requiring increased moisture and strength.” 

The icon has worn multiple hairstyles throughout her career, from natural to flat-ironed, braids, coloured locks, weaves, and even wigs. By expressing and empowering one’s self through hair, Cecred champions this by providing inclusivity and excellence in hair care. Moreover, the business puts hair and scalp wellness at the forefront, alongside honouring global and diverse hair rituals“, she added. 

Behind Cecred’s Innovative Keratin Recovery Technology

Crafted from her personal journey, Cécred makes its debut with an extensive eight-piece Foundation collection tailored to cleanse, nourish, and visibly revitalise hair. 

The lineup comprises shampoos, conditioners, a treatment mask, a hair oil, and a ritual treatment infused with cutting-edge technologies. 

Cécred hair line up
Image Source Cécred

Additionally, among these innovations is the brand’s exclusive Bioactive Keratin Ferment, a patent-pending blend derived from wool-derived keratin, honey, and lactobacillus ferment.

Apart from that, Cécred’s formulations harness the time-honoured technique of fermentation. The keratin proteins are meticulously crafted to be compact enough to permeate deep into the core of every strand, effectively mimicking and replenishing depleted proteins to visibly rejuvenate and fortify fragile or compromised hair. 

Moreover, these products are consciously formulated without silicones, which merely conceals damage under an artificial layer. Instead, it prioritises moisture and discernible strength to establish a robust foundation for healthy hair.

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Inside Cecred’s Powerful Products And Unique Formulations

The haircare brand has undertaken comprehensive clinical, salon, and laboratory testing to guarantee the efficacy of its diverse range of hair solutions across a spectrum of hair textures, spanning from straight to coily. 

Furthermore, the brand’s formulations cater to various hair states, encompassing virgin, colour-treated, chemically-processed, and heat-styled hair, all of which demand heightened moisture and strength.

Key features of the inaugural products include a clarifying shampoo and scalp scrub, which melds exfoliating agents with fermented purple willow bark and tea tree oil to eliminate buildup and residues from both hair and scalp, ensuring a thorough cleansing experience.

Additionally, the reconstructed treatment mask is touted as “hair repair in a jar”, backed by clinical testing that demonstrates visible damage reduction, enhanced strength, and heightened shine after just a single use.

Other offerings encompass a moisture-sealing lotion, a nourishing hair oil, and a fermented rice and rose protein ritual — a two-step treatment designed to bolster hair strength. These products are competitively priced, ranging from £25 to £42 or $20 to $52, and are conveniently accessible for purchase through the brand’s official website.

Cécred different hair types
Image Source Cécred

It’s No Cecred, It’s More Than Just Hair 

Moving beyond its identity as a haircare line,Cécred established a philanthropic division in collaboration with BeyGood, Beyoncé’s charitable foundation, with a focus on supporting the stylist community. 

In addition, the brand has committed to donating $500,000 to finance cosmetology school scholarships and salon business grants, underscoring its dedication to empowering and investing in the future of hairstylists.

Notably, As Cecred joins the lineup of Bey’s wide range of businesses, this strategic move positions her brands to be prominent in various branches of the overlapping fashion and beauty industry, joining the ranks of Beyonce Parfums, Renaissance Couture, and more. With the combined success of her business ventures and the positive prospects of more to come, it seems like Beyonce Knowles-Carter will indeed run the world. 

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