“What Love Got to Do With It” brings a lighthearted British rom-com to its international audience. But what is greatly appreciated by the world is Sajal Ali’s iconic role.

The depth and complexity of this movie are a perfect alchemy that’s hard to find. This Tina Turner biographical film is written by Jemima Khan, directed by Shekhar Kapur, and produced by Nicky Kentish Barnes, Jemima Khan, Tim Bevan, and Eric Fellner.

‘What Love Got to Do With It’ delivers a contrasting cultural heritage, family theme, meaningful exploration, and true celebration of Asian culture and identity.

what love go to do with it
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Sajal Ali is a Pakistani actress who accolades several national awards. This highest-paid Pakistani actress began her career with a Pakistani sitcom and then saved a spot in mainstream serials. Surprisingly, it’s not the first time she has entered an international forum. In 2020, she won DIAFA awards for contributing to the film industry.

what love got to do with it
Sajal Ali receiving the DIAFA award

In this movie, Sajal Ali played ‘Maymmona,’ a young Pakistani girl stuck in an arranged marriage with Shazad Latif, enacted ‘doctor Kazim.’ Doctor Kazim’s childhood friend, a documentary filmmaker, Zoe (Lilly James), decided to document this arranged marriage journey.

Interestingly, the movie “What Love Got To Do With It” portrays Sajal as a young Pakistani girl trapped in an arranged marriage. Apparently, the movie integrates her with a decent blend of liveliness, entertainment, empowerment, and beauty.

After seeing Sajal Ali’s charismatic performance, one cannot resist celebrating her innate talent and impressive acting.

This sparkling and love honey cross-cultural theme featuring Sajal can pave the way for her Hollywood career.

Moreover, you can get Bollywood vibes, smearing colours, and vibrant music.

What Love Got To Do With It reveals the perks and downsides of the arranged marriage and engages the audience to decide whether it is best left to cons?

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