Brains in jars doing a viral TikTok dance is, certainly, the best way to endorse Voxi theme, ‘The Fun Never Ends.’

This year, Voxi has come up with a rather intriguing campaign. With the title, ‘The Fun Never Ends,’ the ad emphasizes the fun aspect that stays with you for eternity.

As a result, the advert shows two brains, enclosed in jars, doing a viral TikTok dance. See! here the fun remains with you as long as your brain cells stick together.

Image Source Voxi

Voxi’s offer is again clanging the huge bell on the Westminster Cathedral. With its Unlimited Social Media plans, Gen Z’ers can upload unlimited photos on social media, gain a more firm connection, and stay posted with the latest updates. Even the immortals cannot resist shaking their legs at this great offer. PS; shaking Dendrites in this case! 😉

Moreover, Voxi couldn’t think of a more relatable object for this tongue-in-cheek campaign than a spongy brain. Of course, these brains in the jar can live forever, and thus require a mind-boggling way to keep their internet connection intact.

Besides, the advert is truly a reflection of human emotions. For instance, browsing for the latest trends and saving your memory with a filter.

The creation of dynamic OOH by Voxi will put social media trends live.

Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand and Marketing Director, Vodafone UK and VOXI, said: “In a cluttered telco market, we needed a campaign that would create cut through and fame for VOXI’s unique proposition. Reviewing the market today, it’s clear that the surreal and humorous quadrant was a wide-open space for us. We also know how important social media access is to this generation, and wanted to celebrate the positive, entertaining, educational, and career aspects that it provides.”

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