Qantas Now Allows Long Hair, Makeup, and Flat Shoes for All Employees

Qantas Airplane

Australian airline Qantas is keeping up with the times, releasing new employee guidelines for uniform styling and grooming. Now, staff and cabin crew members will be allowed to sport long hair, makeup, glasses, and flat sports shoes, among others.

A statement from Qantas’ representative mentioned that there are no changes to the airline’s uniform requirements for pilots, cabin crew, and airport employees. However, uniform determinations for designated genders have been removed.

This comes as the airline aims to modernise how uniforms have been worn for comfort and practicality, following evolving customer expectations and employee feedback. Prior to this, male and female employees had separate regulations.

The relaxed grooming guidelines detail that all employees can keep long hair (worn in a ponytail, neat low bun, or braided corn rows); have the option to wear or not wear makeup, wear glasses or contact lenses (only clear lenses); can opt for flat sports shoes; and can wear jewellery, such as diamond earrings and watches.

These will also apply to Jetstar, the company’s low-cost airline.

While many celebrate these new dress codes, for now, other aspects of grooming and styling remain unchanged. Hosiery is a must for crew members wearing skirts or dresses, specific uniform pieces must be worn together, and those with tattoos must conceal their ink while on the clock.

Before this, female cabin crew members could only wear heels with their uniforms. Male employees were not allowed to wear makeup or jewellery and have long hair. Clear-framed glasses were also disallowed, making these new guidelines a breath of fresh air with the progressiveness of society.