Yes, you’ve heard it right! King Charles coronation is just around the corner. Following this, Tesco offers a coronation-themed pub, the first of its kind, to its users. ‘The King in the Castle’ is a public house that will remain open for two days, from 4th May through 6th May.

Tesco offers

The coronation of His Majesty will take place on Saturday, 6th May, at Westminister Abbey. As King Charles iii coronation is approaching, the celebration is at its peak. Eventually, it would be a whole weekend of events – from King coronation bank holidays to Big Lunches.

In this moment of celebration, Tesco has come up with a never-seen-before offer. With its huge array of royalty-inspired food and drinks, visitors can be a part of this classic celebration.

Besides, Tesco offers a variety of food for the day and evening in this London Farringdon place. During the day, you can taste these exotic foods, including king prawn sandwiches, ploughman platters, and a runny egg Burford Brown sandwich.

While the evening course includes Camilla’s king prawn curry and different types of steaks. Further, Tesco Pub claims to donate £250,000 from the sales to Prince’s Trust. This way, the limited edition of Tesco Pub will indirectly give incredible support to young people across the UK.

Those not attending the coronation can visit our Tesco pub in their Site King pants and King Charles customized shirts. Also, one can enjoy the historic moment at Tesco, from the coronation-themed menu to hanging balloons and buntings.

If you’re curious about its opening and closing schedule, Tesco’s opening timings are from 12 to 11 pm.

While having a coronation tour, one can observe that the preparations have reached their full potential. Whether it’s King Charles’s head on the Five Pound Coin or his portrait on the banknotes, everything is bang on.

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