The iconic beverage brand, Sprite, made progressive growth as the fastest-growing FMCG brand in 2022 based on household penetration.

Sprite, a favourite variant of the Coca-Cola Company, gained almost 28.9% of household penetration in 2022, according to the Brand Footprint 2023 report by global data and consulting company Kantar.

Moreover, the Coca-Cola Company has invested a sizable amount to stabilise Sprite‘s position in the market. With that, the globally acknowledged beverage brand has successfully made its presence known in 34 million households in 2022.

The Kantar report also stipulates interesting FMCG data and numbers, such as:

  1. In terms of value, 48% of FMCG brands marked positive growth in 2022.
  2. Among them, nine out of ten brands illustrated the highest improved penetration.
  3. 51% of brands grew with respect to penetration and frequency.
  4. 37% of those growing brands only exhibited penetrative growth.

In the numbers game, Unilever’s Sunsilk acquired the second spot, while Dove sits in sixth place. On the other hand, Nestlé’s Nescafé gained significant penetration compared to the previous year and came in third. PepsiCo’s Lays and Coca-Cola place fourth and eighth.

Besides this, Kantar also presented the ‘most-chosen‘ brand list for 2022. After examining 37,000 brands across 53 markets, Kantar ranked Coca-Cola as the most chosen brand of 2022.

The Brand Footprint achieves this milestone by considering several metrics. For this, the most desired metric is Consumer Reach Points (CRPs). This parameter combines three other variables: Population, Penetration, and Consumer Choice.

This way, in terms of number of households, percentage of households making a purchase, and number of interactions, Coca-Cola tops the list. Brands Colgate and Maggi follow in second and third.

A comprehensive brand report by Kantar Image Source Kantar

What Makes Sprite Stand Out

The immense penetration into the Sprite brand is the fruit of its parent company’s labour. Coca-Cola has not only considered a fair investment but also presented effective strategies for Sprite. As a result, it has gained its spot in the most-chosen list.

In 2022, Sprite came up with a distinctive approach. From launching its first-ever global platform to revamping its Sprite can and bottle packaging, the brand did everything to gain more customer outreach.

Speaking to Kantar, Sprite’s Global Senior Director, Shrenik Dasani, explained what made Sprite stand out. “It was brought to life with a globally relevant, locally nuanced platform featuring real-time digital and social experiences, music experiences and content, and new consumer, shopper, and out-of-home communication that tapped into relevant and topical moments and passion points.”

Although Sprite only came into existence several decades ago, the Coca-Cola Company has invested continuous effort to keep the brand relevant. Moreover, nothing happens overnight. For a brand to reach reasonable penetration, it must construct effective strategies, appealing marketing techniques, strong distribution channels, and carry a unique selling point.

Learn more about Kantar’s Brand Footprint here.

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