Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Blush is on pace to triple the brand’s net gain in 2023 after its clanging net revenue of $70 million in the previous year.

The news does not come as a surprise, as the Rare Beauty Blush has been the talk of the town since its launch. From its easy application that sits perfectly on your cheeks to delivering high-quality pigment, the liquid blush is everybody’s favourite.

Selena Gomez’s liquid blush is breaking the bank as fast as it sinks into your skin beautifully. Since its launch, Rare Beauty has gained immense popularity not just among regular makeup wearers, but as celebrities’ top pick too.

In terms of 2023 revenue, the brand will most likely triple its previous year’s sales. In 2022, the brand sold 3.1 million units of Rare Beauty Liquid Blush, where a single unit costs $23. Altogether, its 2022 net worth for Rare Beauty Blush spiked up to $70 million.

Although many celebrity-backed cosmetic lines are in the market, Selena Gomez‘s brand has succeeded in reaching a global worth of $250 million. The brand has also gained significant support for leveraging its popularity on social platforms like TikTok.

Stabbing Success of Rare Beauty Blush


Rare Beauty Blush
Selena Gomez wearing Soft Pinch Liquid Blush Image Source Rare Beauty

A beauty writer based in New York, Sable Yong, described the brand, “People are looking for performance and value in their products, which Rare does really well. Yes, it’s cute. Yes, Selena Gomez is the founder. But even if she wasn’t in the picture, they’re well-formulated products that perform really well at a fairly attainable price point.”

Undoubtedly, even if Selena Gomez was not the founder of the brand, it would have still performed well for its competitive rates, lightweight texture, and professional touch. Moreover, these products are compatible with all skin types.

Celebrity attachment to a brand doesn’t always bring profit. Many celebrity-started brands have fizzled in the end after a strong start. However, in the long run, what keeps the momentum moving is the brand’s worth and its exceptional features.

Rare Beauty Blush
Image Source Rare Beauty

Beyond her singing and acting career, Selena Gomez is a successful entrepreneur and executive producer. Moreover, her biggest concern behind this business venture was to spread mental health awareness. For this, she also produced the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Further, she promised to submit 1% of the brand’s sales to its in-house fund.

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