TTcare, an AI-driven healthcare app developed by AI FOR PET, has unveiled a new feature that will assist pet parents and veterinarians in sharing data more quickly and efficiently. 

 What is TTcare?

TTcare is a simple preventive care solution for pet parents developed with AI technology. The app helps to identify abnormal symptoms in pets by using smartphones. 

The AI healthcare app was established in 2020 to optimise pet parents’ time with their beloved companions. 

Founded based on the love for pets, it has led the company to discover solutions for simple questions like:

“How do we know when our pets are sick?”

“Is there a way to find out?”

“Are we providing them with the right, timely care?” 

With the support of technology and community, the company believes there are steps they can take to help pet companions live happier, healthier lives. Thus, they strive to be that channel between people and their fur friends, and enhance their path to well-being.

Consequently, the company delivers a solution via the TTcare app, giving pet parents a tool to check, prevent, and help their pets that are unable to verbalise their pain.

Image Source TTcare

Over the years, through multiple trials and errors, the company has refined the app and now offers users with a more improved experience. 

On top of that, TTcare’s patent-registered medical device software has been approved by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

How does it work?

The mobile app allows pet parents to scan their pets for health abnormalities and receive instantaneous results. Afterwards, the app will provide veterinary advice on managing the abnormal symptoms. 

The built-in AI technology is capable of detecting abnormal symptoms, with an accuracy level of over 90%. 

Image Source TTcare

Using this newly-added feature, pet parents can keep tabs on their pets’ eyes, teeth, skin, and joint health at their convenience, and share the data with veterinarians.

Veterinarians can also use this data to diagnose a client’s health condition more accurately and swiftly during telemedicine services. Additionally, this new feature will also help lessen veterinarians’ labour issues. 

Euna Huh, the Co-Founder and CEO of AI FOR PET shared, “We’ve seen that pet access to veterinary clinics has been challenging due to lack of veterinarians. We’ve been hearing from U.S. veterinarians that they are suffering from excessive work. We believe that our patented AI solution solves the problems for pet parents and veterinarians.”

Who is AI FOR PET?

AI FOR PET is a pet healthcare service development company based in Seoul, Korea; and San Jose, California, USA. 

The company aims to make people and animals happy by creating a communication bridge using AI technology. 

Besides that, the company has attracted global recognition by being selected for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 and CES 2023 Innovation Awards, and has received other accolades for its advanced mobile app. 

TTcare, the AI-assisted pet healthcare app, will be showcased at CES 2024 taking place on the 9th to 12th of January in Las Vegas.

TTcare is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, making it widely accessible and convenient for pet-owners to check their pets’ health anytime, anywhere. 

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