With the climate crisis causing an increase in natural disasters across the globe, Medalla Light brewery is decidedly taking action in defence of the planet’s ecosystem.

Medalla Light has launched its Great Reef Brewer Project. The initiative began in response to Puerto Rico’s August 2021 declaration of emergency due to a rapid spread of stony coral tissue loss disease. The coral reefs play a huge role in the global ecosystem as well as the economy of the islands, making this an ecological disaster of unprecedented proportions.

Stony coral tissue loss disease comes as a direct result of humanity’s impact on the planet. This truth has urged the brand to acknowledge that its responsibility to consumers extends beyond the sale of its products—its responsibility also includes ensuring safe disposal of its packaging.

Save the coral

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico doesn’t offer an established recycling program. That makes creative methods of preservation even more important. Working with marine biologists, Medalla Light has opted to grind un-recycled bottles into sand and incorporate it into a restorative cement mixture. Through this, the scientists are helping to encourage coral reef growth.

The campaign, created with agency DDB, comes with a video stating the intention behind the campaign as well as a behind-the-scenes explanation of how the process works. Chatting with the marine biologists that have helped make this process a reality, the campaign leans into the optimism that positive action can bring by explaining the crisis while offering the tangible results the platform has encouraged.

The brand began by recycling 30,000 glass bottles, a number which continues to grow, and has already restored 100,000 square feet of the reef in the platform’s first year. There has also been a 4,000% increase of social media discussion around the coral crisis, and a push for better legislation to protect marine ecosystems.

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