This adventurous rivalry takes place in Brazil, where two giant billboards, McDonald’s and Burger King, stand facing each other. The entire AI-oriented campaign revolves around Burger King Whopper vs McDonald’s Big Mac.

The Billboards war has been a common thing among brands. But when does it just sweep away by AI?

Interestingly, the ad features AI answers on separate billboards. Both strategically try to portray themselves as superior to the other. Moreover, the billboards get a hint of different layers of Big Mac and Whopper by using different font colors.

Burger King Whopper
AI generated answers<br >Image credit DAVID São Paulo

The Mac board asks “Which is the most iconic burger in the world.” To which it replied with a long illustration of the Big Mac, intermixing different colors to depict Big Mac layers.

Apparently, Burger King’s billboard comes as a response to this wide Mac’s campaign. To retaliate, Burger King asks the chatbot, “And which one is the biggest?” And the answer comes, advocating Whopper in terms of size and ingredients. Moreover, the billboard concludes the answer with a Burger King logo.

Without any doubt, Big Mac is widely acclaimed and even has its own index.

This simple piece of information that ChatGPT shares are rather simple, comprehensive, and highly tempting. By merely looking, you can identify why Big Mac is the most iconic and Whopper the biggest burger.

What’s most striking is that this burger war will never end, whether it uses print media or AI tools to enhance its market value. However, in the end, one couldn’t tell who win this battle. Both parties strongly support its stance, by adding a hint of humor and creativity.

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