Italian intimate brand Intimissimi UK and global icon Jennifer Lopez have proudly unveiled their much-anticipated capsule collection titled “This is Me… Now.” 

Launching this exclusive sexy lingerie line marks a pivotal moment in the fashion world. Further, the collaboration seamlessly marries Intimissimi’s commitment to quality with Lopez’s iconic style. 

In a recent press release, Lopez emphasized the deeply intimate nature of Intimissimi lingerie, expressing how it can serve as an empowering embrace. Consequently, it allows individuals to feel both liberated and beautiful. This sentiment is reflected in the essence of the collection and its products, which serve as a testament to Lopez’s personal and artistic journey. 

Also, the collection draws inspiration from Lopez’s upcoming album, “This is Me…  Now,”. With a vision of growth, self-reflection, and self-acceptance, the campaign focuses on intricate details and premium materials. The Intimissimi bodysuit collection includes silk fabrics and refined laces. Besides, the collective display promises a sensory experience that is both luxurious and elegant. 

One striking addition to the collection is the delicate hummingbird motif, symbolizing attributes such as luck, resilience, and vibrant energy. The color palette, featuring classic black, refined champagne, and bold jade green, caters to various preferences while also embodying timeless sophistication and individuality. 

What was the shared passion behind the Intimissimi collaboration?

Image Source Intimissimi

What sets this collaboration apart is the unique integration of Lopez’s upcoming album into the campaign, bringing together the realms of fashion, and music. Moreover, it shows empowerment in a truly unprecedented manner. This cohesive approach allows the Intimissimi campaign to offer a distinctive and immersive experience for its audience. 

Under the creative direction of Riccardo Ruini, the campaign artfully captures the essence of women’s intimacy within a dreamlike ambiance. Additionally, it emphasizes the significant role of lingerie in fostering a sense of freedom and beauty for women. 

As part of this momentous launch, Intimissimi UK has orchestrated an exclusive event across select points of sale globally. This way, it aims to generate widespread excitement and engagement from influential voices within the industry. 

Furthermore, the campaign encourages individuals to embark on a journey of empowerment and embrace the celebration of modern femininity. Through this,  it highlights how “This is Me…  Now” represents not just lingerie but a reflection of a woman’s inner strength and authenticity, meticulously brought to life through the art of Italian design. 

Jennifer Lopez enthusiastically expressed, “American creativity meets Italian design with a passion to craft something truly unique,”. Consequently, it underscored the collaborative spirit and dedication behind this extraordinary venture. The “This is Me… Now” capsule collection is a testament to Intimissimi Italia to the fusion of art, fashion, and individual empowerment, resonating with audiences worldwide. 

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