Following the Trash Collection 2021, a campaign and initiative that spotlighted Ikea furniture which had been salvaged from the rubbish and re-sold at its second-hand stores, the Swedish retailer has announced the launch of the Life Collection 2022.

In a similar spirit to last year’s initiative, this one attempts to save and repurpose old furniture that is no longer needed. However, this time around, the furniture is not coming from the trash, but directly from people’s homes, with Ikea buying items back from owners.

As suggested by the title of the campaign, Ikea understands that buyers often don’t want to keep every piece of furniture forever and, given that life is a rollercoaster, these items can become unwanted due to a variety of reasons. In the short campaign film, directed by Kavar Singh and Niels Windfeldt, these reasons include death, sobriety, separation, childbirth, or simply because a significant other finds it “too tacky”.

The Life Collection 2022 marks another step towards sustainability for the brand, as it continues to address the widespread issue of waste. As one of the world’s biggest buyers of wood, it has faced criticism in the past for unsustainable logging practices, and as such, has worked hard in recent years to improve its credentials.

Equally, it’s no secret that much of the furniture finding its way to landfill is from affordable retailers such as Ikea. With many buyers unwilling to find proper ways of recycling their old housewares, and with the slew of environmental crises that we currently face only worsening, it’s more important than ever to encourage circular systems such as this one.

Commenting on the initiative, Ikea global marketing manager Roberto Giannone says: “Our new second-hand stores are needed because life happens, and we needed a more sustainable way of treating our furniture.”


Agency: Try

Creatives: Caroline Riis, Eirik Sørensen

Designers: Jeppe Gjesti, Mats Mæland, Magnus Snickars, Dennis Magnus-Andresen, Tommy Lybekk, Marthe Solli, Elise Eik Ismar

Directors: Kavar Singh, Niels Windfeldt

DOP: Oskar Dalsbakken

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