Ferragamo, the renowned luxury brand, embarks on a transformative journey with its Fall-Winter 2023 campaign. While embracing modern trends, it makes a distinctive course to its Florentine origins.

Under the guidance of Creative Director Maximilian Davis, the brand forays into a new chapter to symbolize rebirth, blending tradition with modernity.

The Supreme Chrono model, a highlight of the latest collection, admires Ferragamo’s heritage while incorporating innovative elements in the marketplace UK. 

Amazingly, the watches boast refined silhouettes across men’s, women’s, and gender-neutral styles. Also, it highlights iconic symbols like the Gancini, a cherished emblem deeply rooted in the brand’s legacy.

Image Source Ferragamo

What Features Define the Ferragamo Supreme Chrono Watch Timepiece?

A standout feature of the collection is the double Gancini motif adorning the top and bottom of the watch case. Further, its raveled textures and finishes exude sophistication. 

The timepiece smoothly combines classic elements—the signature bright red or cobalt accents and the F-engraved crown—with extant updates. In addition, it showcases a 43-mm round case and matte dial spotlighted by vibrant colors to add a modern edge to formal attire.

The Ferragamo logo-adorned buckle adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any belt. Quite obviously, it offers a blend of elegance and iconic design. 

Moreover, the stainless steel bracelet features a butterfly buckle with the brand logo. Consequently, its style and durability make it a timeless accessory for fashion-forward individuals.

The Supreme Chrono watch underlines the brand’s commitment to adapting its storied past to its current trajectory. With water resistance up to 50 meters, the watch offers versatility and style. It has a recycled PU black/cobalt or black/Ferragamo red strap. This way, it adds versatility to its appeal.

Image Source Ferragamo

Also, this exclusive Supreme Chrono ranges from $1395 to $1595 and is now available. Moreover, it allows users to embrace timeless elegance merged with the latest design. 

For more details about the Fall/Winter 2023 Supreme Chrono luxury watches, fans can visit ferragamo.com

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