Have you ever heard about the Japanese profound Boro technique? If not, the New Balance 550 and New Balance 580 silhouettes present a perfect physical demonstration.

This latest release aims to empower people through sports and craftsmanship. Moreover, this ideal construction method would not only minimize hazardous environmental effects but also let you feel comfortable yet elegant.

In the textile world, this Japanese Boro technique is not just about stitching patches together. In fact, it is a way to endorse the traditional “art of patchwork.” This resourceful practice, which later became a hallmark of rural Japan, repairs and recreates garments using layering and mending techniques.

New Balance 550
Image Source Streething and Madebynb

Dated back to the Edo period (1603-1868) and the Meiji period (1868-1912), this technique existed when there was a widened gap among classes. At that time, multiple classes wore different fabrics and garment styles to create a distinction. Therefore, working-class people organically developed this technique as a representation of resilience and resourcefulness.

Interestingly, New Balance 550 and 580 aren’t the first of its kind to implement the Boro concept. Before it, different brands and designers followed the same thing. This list includes Rifare, ANT KAI, and M.ATO.

This footwear brand has always come up with a distinctive approach. Whether it’s the production of New Balance 327 or New Balance 2002r, it always promises to impart positive change in communities.

Thus, with an aim to protect and regenerate the ecosystem, this Boston-based footwear brand imparts an intricate amount of details. Following this, the brand opts for the addition of various shades and textures of indigo.

New Balance
Image Source Streething and Madebynb

While mimicking the captivating Boro technique, this duo of New Balance 550 and 580 stitch together small fabric scraps. Moreover, this technique meticulously stitched together different mixes of materials featuring hairy suede, denim, woven canvas, cracked leather, and pre-aged suede.

Thus, grab this opportunity to wear some traditional artwork which is knocking soon in November.

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