With its googly eyes, Cookie Monster stared at the almond milk bowl, thinking, “Is this my new love?” “What is this which is so irresistible good?”

After developing a love for cookies, the blue-fur Cookie Monster is all set to expand his horizon in farm foods. In the latest Califia Almond Milk ad, one can notice the emotional awakening of this cute blue fuzzball.

This Jeff Low-directed commercial shows this muppet reflection in a bowl of almond milk, giving artistic touch. This Sesame Street character was awestruck while seeing the white, milky stream of almond milk pouring down the bottle.

While seeing that spectacular view, the Cookie Monster said, “Looks yummy, creamy, delicious.” That’s how it clearly depicts that Cookie Monster is diving into a new series of next favorite delight.

Cookie Monster
Image Source Califia Almond Milk

The Cookie Monster whispers to himself that people have often seen him as a chocolate chip cookie guy, which is a boring thing now. He thought that he should better try different things, like farm foods.

This campaign carries a different charm and conveys a puppet personality with a whimsical touch of art. While explaining the idea behind it, Califia CMO Suzanne Ginestro said,

“We believe plants can offer something different and something better, opening up a whole new world of delicious possibilities and prompting consumers to rethink everything, including the type of milk they add to their cereal,”

The Cookie Monster is contemplating to replenish his thirst with unsweetened almond milk. What are your thoughts on this? Are you ready to witness a whole new experience with this organic almond milk?

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