The ‘Whopper to a Flame’ campaign was created by Burger King agency BBH and centers on three films. The first two adverts have been released and they said they will roll another out later in 2022!

For ‘Breakup,’ a Whopper burger flies into the fire of an emotional man as he gets ready to put his ex’s jumper in the flames. The advert was posted to YouTube with the caption: “boyfriEND, girlfriEND, best friEND you know what doesn’t end? Whoppers.” 

The second film, ‘Backyard’, depicts a group of friends around a fire pit swerving to avoid the flame-grilled flying patties.

The final advert is said to be centered around a pair of lost hikers, who are hit by flying burgers as they huddle for warmth around a fire.

Soco Nunez, brand and comms director at Burger King UK, expressed that the idea behind the brief was to show off the Whopper’s flame-grilled taste.

“This latest creative celebrates one of the Whopper’s most distinctive attributes – flame-grilling – in a unique way. Without the flame, there is no Whopper, and we love how the team at BBH have brought this to life in a bold and unexpected way.”

Burger King partnered with planners Vizeum and iProspect to deliver the ads on TV, video on demand and out-of-home.

Joe Moloney wrote the piece, Thomas Devenport handled the art direction and Adam and Dave directed through Arts & Sciences.

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