Jisoo from BLACKPINK is expanding her presence in the fashion industry by becoming the face of Alo Yoga’s upcoming spring 2024 collection, marking a new role for the singer and actor in the athleisure world.

Since launching its first international store in December 2021, Alo Yoga has steadily expanded its global reach, establishing 81 sanctuaries (stores) worldwide. The brand is also accessible online, making it easy for yoga enthusiasts to purchase their favourite yoga apparel anywhere and anytime.

Blackpink's Jisoo stars in Alo Yoga campaign
Image source Alo Yoga

Jisoo stars in Alo Yoga’s latest campaign, promoting the brand’s collection for the upcoming spring season, which offers a variety of items in the brand’s new spring hues for 2024. The “Flower” singer appears in the new campaign wearing some of Alo Yoga’s hallmark items, including the Airlift Energy Shorts, Aspire Tank, Accolade Sweatpants and Accolade Crew Neck Pullover.

“This partnership with Alo felt like the perfect match because my health and wellness has always been a priority for me. I love to move whenever I have the time, especially with Yoga and Pilates,” Jisoo said.

Jisoo is donning Alo Yoga's cap
Image source Alo Yoga

The partnership between Jisoo and Alo Yoga might not be a significant surprise to BLACKPINK fans, commonly referred to as BLINKs. Due to the fact that, Jisoo has been regularly seen donning apparel from the Los Angeles-based athletic brand, renowned for its focus on clothing and lifestyle products. In October last year, she was captured wearing items from Alo Yoga’s clothing line, fuelling fan expectations for collaborating with the brand.

By having Alo Yoga under her belt, Jisoo has become the prominent figurehead for several companies. Most notably, she holds the prestigious position of a global brand ambassador for Dior. Throughout the years, she has graced numerous shows of the French luxury brand, often making the trek from Seoul to Paris.

To commemorate her birthday last year, she introduced an exclusive celebratory lipstick shade in collaboration with Dior Beauty. In a more recent development, Jisoo has been appointed as an ambassador for Dyson, and she even took center stage in a campaign featuring a special edition Dyson Airwrap.

Since its establishment in 2007, Alo Yoga has become a worldwide pioneer in activewear design and eco-friendly fabric franchises. From its inception, Alo has maintained a commitment to environmental awareness and holds W.R.A.P. certification, ensuring a humane and sweat-shop-free environment.

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