Acne Studios Expands it Presence to Miami Design District

    Acne Studios expands to Miami Design District

    Acne Studios, the Swedish fashion brand, has announced the opening of its newest store in the Miami Design District. The new 200 square meters store will feature the brand’s latest collections for men and women.

    As per the CEO, this new store will revolutionise the district’s fashion scene.

    Miami Design District is an ideal location for Acne Studios. The district is a hub for luxury brands, attracting shoppers worldwide. Located at 144 NE 41st Street, the new store will feature the brand’s signature minimalist design aesthetic. The store will feature white walls and concrete floors, creating a contemporary yet serene atmosphere.

    The store will also showcase Acne Studios’ latest collection, including range of apparel, footwear, and accessories. The collection includes classic pieces such as denim jackets and oversized coats. It will also have printed t-shirts and experimental designs that play with texture, volume, and colour.

    Acne Studios CEO, Mattias Magnusson, said, “We are thrilled to be opening our doors in the Miami Design District. The area is popular for its vibrant fashion scene and we believe our brand’s aesthetic and values will resonate with the local community. We look forward to welcoming our customers and showcasing our latest collections in this exciting new space.” 

    The Miami Design District store marks the latest expansion for Acne Studios. Currently, Acne Studios has over 50 stores worldwide. The brand has a strong following among fashion enthusiasts.

    Acne Studios is famous for its contemporary designs and innovative approach to fashion. With the opening of the Miami Design District store, Acne Studios is ready to strengthen its presence in the US market and attract new customers.