Virgin Media lifts the spirits of people with latest video

Virgin Media releases a one-minute spot on how people are staying connected amid the coronavirus pandemic

Virgin Media, a British telephone, television, and internet service company, has released a one-minute video showing all the ingenious, resilient, and resourceful ways people are building connections with the people they love from their own homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

With the tagline Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Connected, Virgin Media’s one-minute spot shows the various ways people are reaching out to one another through the internet and mobile connections, by having a video call with their pet dog, a grandchild playing chess with his grandfather on the other end of the video call, and grandchildren playing and singing songs with their grandparents.

The Virgin Media video shows the creative ways people are finding to stay fit whilst indoors by creating a rain-like atmosphere whilst cycling on the home bicycle trainer to doing bicep curls with their children as weights and juggling using a toilet paper instead of a football.

People are shown keeping themselves entertained on the one-minute spot by feeding themselves with a fruit attached to a drone, an elderly couple is seen making the best out of their cancelled cruise vacation by dressing in bathrobes, wine glass in hand, and feet propped up in front of the television showing the scenic views of the ocean. The Virgin Media video also shows the challenging side of the stay at home policy with a less than enthused mother who appeared to have paint drawn all over her face by her toddler.

Through the internet – and the power of fibre and mobile connections – Virgin Media shows how people are finding ways to stay fit, find sporting glory, rock out together, eat dinner from (and support) their favourite restaurants, find love, celebrate and comfort one another during this pandemic.