Heinz Ketchup designs plantable label

Heinz celebrates their main ingredient by printing plantable labels with tomato seeds inside.


Heinz has embarked on an educational campaign to teach customers the true roots of this ketchup empire. Now the origin of “tomato ketchup” seems pretty obvious but in a recent survey Heinz found that most of their consumers “do not believe Heinz ketchup is made of tomato”. 

They decided to contain real tomato seeds in the labels of 300 bottles of their signature sauce. These “plantable” labels will be sold exclusively on Heinz online channels and the pao de açúcar supermarket chain in são paulo.

As an incentive to customers , when they have purchased and grown their very own plant they are encouraged to post a picture of their plant to receive restaurant discounts.

Part of the ’Tomato First’ campaign developed by ad agency Africa in Brazil, the green-fingered promotion celebrates the red ripe tomatoes squeezed into every bottle.

Luana Sa, Heinz Brazil’s brand building manager, explains: “We noticed that many people still do not believe Heinz Ketchup is essentially made of tomato. With this action, we wish to show that our ketchup has this distinct flavor because we put tomato in the first place, from our seeds, Heinz Seeds, which we plant and cultivate at home. The plantable label reinforces Heinz Ketchup quality and superiority, praising our main ingredient and invites the consumer to take part and understand more about this process.“

The ketchup focus follows a new brand direction for the food processing giant, which now markets its beans with the line ’Beanz Meanz More’, an evolution of the Beanz Meanz Heinz slogan first introduced in the 1960s.

Olivia Pearce
Olivia Pearce
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